EXPO 2018: May 17 - 20
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Kids Day 2018 - Activities

Kid’s Day 2018


Tentative activities being planned:




Operation Game Thief – Maine Game Wardens will be on hand with their trailer to discuss the aspects of poaching wildlife in the State of Maine    Confirmed


Weather 101 - Adam Epstein of Channel 13 will talk about weather and how it affects agriculture.  He will have the weather truck on site and will a bring a camera crew.   Confirmed.


Maine State Police Troopers and their K9 partners will put on two demonstrations: 10:30am to 11:30am and 12:30pm to 1:30pm in the gazebo park area.  Troopers Eric Verhille and G.J. Neagle with their K9 partners Clint and Draco will explain the backgrounds of the dogs, the training of the officers and show the dogs’ abilities.  Outside of these two hour demonstrations, the troopers will be on hand to answer questions. Cindy-waiting for response from Sgt. Dalton


“Be a Beetle Buster;  Learn about invasive tree-killing beetles – how to recognize them, the damage they do to trees, and how to report them”..  Karen Coluzzi – Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry    Confirmed


Central Maine Power – linemen will be talking about the jobs and the safety aspects to it and how it affects livestock. Confirmed


Steve Akeley – from Akeley Equine Dentistry in Damariscotta will show how he works on horse’s teeth at a 10:00am demonstration.  Yes, horses need dentists too !  Confirmed


Draft horses - Teamster Pete Stratton will explain how they use the draft horses on the farm and in the woods. They will give demonstrations about harnessing a horse and twitching logs.    Confirmed


Yaks – Lokie Horn of Wooly & Grunt Farm in Pittston will have two young yaks on exhibit.  He will explain the nature and uses of these amazing animals.  Confirmed


Horses - The Harness Racing Folks of Windsor Fair will have horses on exhibition and explain the uses of the animals, how they are fed, exercised, harnessed and their work schedule.  Confirmed


Oxen – Alice Heinrich of Albion will bring her two Hereford oxen.  She will explain the commands used to work the oxen and how they are used on the farm.  Confirmed  


Mangalista pigs – Pete and Rob Dusoe from Green Bounty Farm in Albion will have several of these hair-covered pigs on display.  Confirmed


Sarah Perkins – from Ledgeway Farm will give short talks on how to make Goat Milk Soap - and why it’s good for you.  Confirmed.


Poultry – Central Maine Poultry Fanciers will have chickens on exhibit and show the various eggs that they produce.    Confirmed


The folks of the Windsor Fair Historical Society will be on hand to explain the uses of the buildings and give tours of the old school house and blacksmith shop.    Confirmed.


Brea Willette of Wicked Quail and Pork Farm will have an exhibit of Quail (game birds) and their eggs.  They are very eager to answer all questions about them.  Confirmed


What do animals eat?  Donna Coffin of University of Maine Cooperative Extension will explain how livestock eat and discuss their favorite foods.   Confirmed


Swine – Brittany Hemond from Hemond Farms in Minot will have several pigs on hands to show how they use their snouts to root up the ground and eat bugs, etc.  Discussions will occur on the care and many uses of pigs from providing the food we eat to being used as natural ground clearers.    Confirmed


Cheese – Cabot Cheese is providing 1000 packaged cheeses to be handed out by the Mobile Milking Parlor.  The dairy princesses will explain the workings of the mobile milking parlor. Confirmed  


Tractors – Hammond Tractor will have large tractors on site for exhibition.  Confirmed  


Rabbits – Western Maine Rabbit Breeders Association will have rabbits available to show how they are held, fed and their fiber (hair) is used to make clothing.   Confirmed   


Ambulance –Delta Ambulance will have a unit on site to allow youth to see the inside and learn what the paramedics do, all without the stress of an actual emergency.  Confirmed


Dairy heifer – Lexie and Lizie Dumont of Albion will be fitting their dairy heifer.  What is “fitting” ?  Stop by and find out.  They will also have small lambs on display.  Confirmed.


Sheep – Drake Dumont from Albion will have lambs (baby sheep) on display for questions and answers.   Confirmed.


Smokey Bear - will be driven around the parking lot during lunch to meet with kids.  His escort will be Kent Nelson.   Confirmed


Moose – the moose from Shawnee Peak will be on hand to join Smokey in the noon parade.


Oakie – from Oakhurst Dairy will be on hand to greet students and take part in the noon parade.  Confirmed.


Boer Goats – Roseledge Farm Boer Goats will have mother goats on hand to show off their baby goats.  Confirmed


Nigerian goats and their babies – will be on display with Pat Polley of Eliza Rek Farm on hand to explain their uses, feed and methods of containment.    Confirmed


Bees – The Kennebec Beekeepers Association will have an observation hive for participants to view live honey bees in a safe manner.  They will explain the life stages and different types of bees located within a hive, as well as their duties. Hive components, tools, and protective gear will be on display and discussed.  Cindy – waiting for response.     


Belted Galloway – Andy LeMaistre of Mitchell Ledge Farm in Freeport will be on hand with his yearling beef calf heifer, who will be going to the fairs this summer to be shown.  The Galloway cattle are often black and white and look like Oreo cookies.   Confirmed


4H Beef Cattle – Lauren Pride will be on hand to show off their 4H beef animals and explain how they take care of them and show them at the fairs.  Confirmed.


Mobile Milking Parlor – will be open and on display.  See how the milk is transferred from the cow to the bulk tank for cooling.   Confirmed


Ready Freddy - Rachel Lindsey of Maine VOAD, Inc. would like you to join Ready Freddy to explore what goes into an emergency preparedness kit. Disasters can happen at any time. Some things we just can't prevent but we can prepare. Let's get ready like Ready Freddy.  Cindy – waiting for response  


Sarah Littlefield from Wolfe’s Neck Farm will discuss how butter is made.  Confirmed


Trees – Mort Moesswilde and Kent Nelson, Foresters with the Dept of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry will have samples of trees and explain the uses of their wood.  He will also show how to count rings to determine the age of a tree.  Confirmed.    


Maple Syrup – Shelly Bacon of Bacon Farm in Sidney will discuss how sap comes from the maple tree and is turned into maple syrup and maple candy.  Confirmed.  


Spinning wheel – Ann Wishart will show how wool from sheep is spun to eventually be turned into products folks can wear such as mittens, hats, sweaters. There will also be a demonstration on felting.   Confirmed


Mike MacDonald of RMT Farms in Litchfield – will have emus and alpacas on display.  He will discuss caring for the animals.   Confirmed


Ricker Hill Orchards – Steve Maheu will discuss apples and their various uses.  Cindy – waiting for response.  


Ricker Hill Orchards – Steve and crew will explain how cranberries are grown and their many uses.    Cindy – waiting for response.


Construction equipment – Travis Benner from McGee Construction will have large construction equipment on display and will explain its various uses.   Confirmed


Disease prevention – Rachal Fiske will discuss zoonotic diseases and will offer a hand washing challenge station with Glo-germ tools. Students will also be able to test their knowledge of zoonotic diseases and take home a prize for participating.  Confirmed.


Manure – Diane Schivera of MOFGA will discuss its origins and use.  Confirmed


Wild Blueberries - Wild blueberry Specialist Dr. David Yarborough will talk about why wild blueberries just grow in Maine and Maritime Canada and why they are the best type of blueberry in the world!   Cindy- check with Lily Calderwood, who is stepping in March 12th to see if she wants to attend NELE KD 2018.   


Toni Turner from Farmer in the Dell Farm –What can you make with goat's milk?  With the help of our happy dairy goats, we'll show you how we make not only fresh, delicious milk, but yogurt, cheese, soap and lotion.  Confirmed.


Megan Patterson – Pesticides   Cindy -waiting for response


Aquaculture -  Cindy.  Waiting to hear from Anne


Blueberries/Peaches – Cindy checking with Chris






Activities may be subject to change as we work with the presenters for the next year.  

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